C2RFast Flashbang Pouch

Bang pouches have always been a bit of a gripe for me. When I first got my TRMR I fell down the usual trap of just getting a Warrior (urgh) 40mm pouch and had to deal with my grenade bouncing around all over the place. Over time I found better solutions, the mainstay being from TYR, but after getting a bit more into the UKSF kit I thought I’d see what all the C2R fuss was about.

I placed the order for these whilst I was in Africa last year, and honestly the process was pretty painful. C2R are a relatively small company who have been tasked with some pretty large government contracts, and so their individual customer sales understandably end up on the back burner. This being said if you are willing to wait 2 weeks just to get through the ordering process the prices from C2R are very reasonable.

My overall opinion of these pouches is that they are very very nice. The build quality is excellent, and they have the look of the Crye 330d 40mm without the extortionate price tag.

They take a wide range of devices, including NICO, GR20, TRMR and Dynatex Mk2 training grenades. These also take the TLSFX range of friction ignition Thermobaric/Smoke pyrotechnics. Whilst some grenades sit higher than others there is a generous amount of velcro on the closure flap to secure most sizes. The closure flap also has a small plastic bar sewn in at the end to aid in gripping and opening.

The attachment system is a pretty standard lightweight Molle strap, with a rigid insert at it’s end. As far as I’m aware newer versions are available with a helium whisper option but I haven’t had any real dramas with the older style.

Having used these for a while now I am very impressed. As far as my search for the perfect TRMR pouch goes I’ll be sticking with the TYR for my multishot version, as it caters for the longer frame more comfortably, but for the shorter version, and for any disposable pyro I’ll be continuing to use the C2R.

Thanks for reading this review, if you have any questions about the C2R flashbang pouches feel free to ask either here on the blog or on my Instagram @thegeardocrow.

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