Whiskey Two Four – PIMPS Turnkey Chest Rig – First Impressions

I was approached by Ryan at Whiskey Two Four a few months ago about getting some gear sent over to take a look at. I had heard of WTF before through their WTFix malice clip alternative, and so was excited to see what would turn up in the post. I should point out that although I was sent these bits for free, I hadn’t asked for it, I didn’t know what was coming, and Ryan had been very clear that it was “no strings attached” so I will try to be as unbiased and objective as possible.

So what is “PIMPS”?

Practical Integrated Modular Platform, Scalable is WTF’s approach to a customisable chest rig, not unlike Platatac’s CHICOM system, with a wide range of panels, harnesses and additional expansions allowing the user to set up their gear for the task at hand. I received the setup of an Accessory Panel 01, Harness 02, Bag 03 and Waist Strap 01.

At the core of the PIMPS rig is the Accessory Panel 01, which in my case I set up for AR15 or similar magazines. The use of elastic pouches means that a wide variety of gear can be carried in them, making up for the lack of dedicated radio or utility pouches. The panel is all built on a sheet of lasercut laminate with loops at either end for attaching the harness, and a large field of Velcro on the back for danglers. One unique feature of the panel is the Velcro One-wrap straps used to hold the vertical harness clips in place. These are interesting as I believe they can be used to attach the panel as a placard on something like a Crye AVS.

Another essential part of the PIMPS setup is the dangler, or Bag 03. It is a very large pouch with internal Velcro for securing dividing contents. A large colour-matched Velcro field on the front is present for attaching patches either to mark the bag’s contents or just for personalisation. While the dangler hasn’t exactly broken the wheel, it does have several really nice features that make it stand out. For instance, having ITW GT zip pulls come standard is something normally seen on brands with a higher price point, and a two-tone colour scheme matching hardware elsewhere on the rig gives it a really professional look.

The final part of the rig to discuss is the Harness 02, which is in my opinion its weakest point. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it. The harness is designed to be a slick and lightweight option, trading comfort for packability and it is excellent in this role. As readers of my blog will know I hate X-harnesses. I think they’re lazy and uncomfortable, so I was really happy with WTF’s design of a slim H-harness. If I were to buy this myself however, I would definitely get WTF’s Harness 00 which is much more substantial where it counts.

Looking at the PIMPS rig, it seems like a well designed and very well-made system that has clearly had plenty of attention to the details. I’m looking forward to using it earnest and seeing how it holds up. My opinion is that it will work well as a “keep it simple” kit, for night-time patrols and raids where it isn’t necessary to be carrying everything but the kitchen sink. It is also highly concealable and so could be worn under a jacket or dish-dash for low-vis operations.

I’d just like to say a final thankyou to Ryan and Whiskey Two Four for sending me my PIMPS rig, he’s a top bloke and is great to deal with. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself head over to www.tactical-kit.co.uk who are now the UK stockists.

Thanks for reading this review, if you have any questions please head over to my Instagram @thegeardocrow.

2 thoughts on “Whiskey Two Four – PIMPS Turnkey Chest Rig – First Impressions

  1. great write up. a very interesting piece of kit. not to get us off topic here but, what is that grenade you have with the blue handle?


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