My “Bad Guy” Kit Breakdown

Having done the full write up of my Good Guy kit, it’s time to look at the gear I use a lot more and change around a lot less. As time has gone on my friends and I have found ourselves avoiding the ever prevalent sea of Multicam and instead spending more time dressed up as a hedge.

As with the last blog, this list is subject to change, but the core concepts and ideas behind it should remain the same going forward. Something I didn’t mention in the last blog is the weapon I normally use for each environment. This was deliberate as at the end of the day the guns are essentially all the same in terms of their function and I try to make sure my kits are flexible enough for just about any setup. As a rule with the green kit though, I normally stick to the cheaper end of the scale as being outdoor in the rain with more crawling, falling and general wear and tear is a good way to damage our toy guns, and so keeping it simple is a good form of damage limitation.

The Green Kit

I first started building up a “Bad Guy” kit in 2017 before my first game on the fun team at Stirling Airsoft’s Op Cold Stone. In its first iteration it consisted of a TAG RRV and some woodland combats, but quickly started to become more of a priority and has now become the gear that I wear the most. 

The Rig

platatac peacekeeper with all the gear that it carries

Platatac Peacekeeper Mk4

  • Platatac Y harness
  • Paraclete smoke pouch
  • Paraclete small bang pouch


  • Rifle mags x3
  • Garmin Foretrex 401
  • Dynatec BFG
  • TAG disposable pyro
  • Baofeng UV-5R
  • Water bottle
  • Platatac LW Silks jacket
  • BFG reloading kit (Hub Creations Roto-loader and a plunger)
  • Spare ammo

As the Peacekeeper is by no means a small rig, it has the capacity to carry everything I need it to easily without the need for extra storage capacity. What this does mean is that all the weight is located on my shoulders making a more substantial harness necessary. It’s no secret that I hate X harnesses with a passion and so as soon as I got the Peacekeeper it got upgraded to a Y harness. The best thing about the Y is it spreads the weight of the whole rig down your back and hugs your body closely, this means that a lot of the weight is supported under your shoulders and around your middle making this a very comfy rig to wear for long periods.

What I carry in and on the rig changes drastically from the CQB setup. In outdoor environments I’m less reliant on reusable pyro and instead fire my rifle a lot more and use disposable bangs. This leads to the need for a stack of TAG, TLSFX or EG bangs to be carried in my gear and they normally end up in the hotdog pouch under my magazines. This also means I normally carry a bag of ammo and speedloader in my kit to top mags off in game if needs be. As airsoft guns are a bit crap, and can be stopped or deflected by light foliage it becomes necessary to go full Arnold Schwarzenegger and stand on the auto switch to break through to another player. This leads to me burning through ammo more quickly and therefore the need to carry more of it.

Finally the utilities, as outdoor games are normally played on a larger area than indoor then the necessity to carry “sustainment gear” is also present. Airsoft is just a game, and I don’t pretend it to be anything more, but if you’re running about for hours on end then you should always drink plenty of water, and so I always ensure I have a bottle on me. Counter to this, if it does get a bit chilly, there’s no reason not to be comfortable. For this reason I always keep my Plat silks jacket handy as I can quickly throw it on in wind and rain, and retain some level of comfort as after all I have paid to be there.

Belt line

My belt is far more scant in a woodland environment as mentioned above everything can be carried in my chest rig. That being said there are still a few bits that make their way around my waist.

blackhawk and platatac belt kits


  • Blackhawk Rigger’s Belt / Platatac SRO inner belt
  • Blackhawk personal retention lanyard
  • Safariland 7379
  • C2R Fast dangler OR handwarmer


  • Pistol
  • Occasional “clickity-clack get the fuck back” kit

As with my CQB kit the Blackhawk lanyard makes an appearance purely because taking it off my gun belt is unbelievably hard to do. On the rare occasion that I do decide to rock a pistol in the woods it’s without any attachments so the 7379 is perfectly suitable. If I decide against having a pistol then I normally wear the Plat SICC inner belt. Its wrap over velcro design is comfortable and simple and holds my trousers up perfectly.

The C2R gear gets used either when it’s cold and I need the handwarmer, or for games where the remote dems kit is allowed. My dangler holds clacker, black&tan and spare charges perfectly, all in an easily removable waist pack if it isn’t needed.


Unlike my “good guy” kit, this area of the green kit stays largely the same. As there is less of a chance for close up headshots I choose not to wear a helmet and mask, and instead revert to the good old fashioned cap.

tgc cap, aku pilgrims, salomon quests


  • TruSpec raidmod Tigerstripe shirt
  • Combat Systems forbidden G3s
  • TGC / GRE cap
  • DPM “SAS” smock

Protective Gear

My on the man gear for woodland is pretty much what it says on the tin. Shirt, pants and smock in patterns that match the environment but not each other, boots to stop me breaking an ankle and just enough protection to save my eyes and teeth.

dpm smock, tigerstripe shirt and vz95 trousers

Future changes

My bad guy kit is largely unchanged from game to game, but there are some bits that I would definitely like to mention. Firstly while I use the Peacekeeper the majority of the time, I do also enjoy taking my Platatac VM out for a spin. The VM is another fantastic rig and my only issue with it is that it is tan. And this leads me onto change number 2.

I’m also looking at dying a good amount of my bad guy kit, including the Y harness for my Peacekeeper and the entirety of my VM. The idea for this is to make them both match the overall kit more, and I aim to have them in a Ranger green-ish hue soon. I’m also always on the lookout for Combat Systems Tigerstripe pants, and so if you know of any then it would make my day if you could let me know.And that’s it! If you have any questions or feedback on my green / bad guy kit then head over to my Instagram @thegeardocrow and leave them there. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can read the full rundown of my other setups here.

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