Mods: C2R Fast Flashbang Pouch

Something which always bugged me about my C2R Fast flashbang pouches is their ride height. While it doesn’t make any functional difference, as an absolute perfectionist not having the bottoms of all my pouches line up has always been something I get pretty psychotic about. 

c2r flashbang pouchs next to a 330d thermo
Left: Original height, Right: Improved height

Looking at the back of the pouch, the original Molle layout doesn’t skip any rows meaning you can in theory adjust the ride height of the pouch more minutely, and the longer attaching strap also accommodates this. The issue that I ran into was that if you wanted to suspend the pouch a little lower, “between rows” as it were, then there was no first Molle loop on the back of the pouch to provide the support it needs not to sag. Enter my amateur sewing skills.

The Mod

In order to fix the sagging issue I took a length of 25mm webbing (from an old issued GP utility strap that has served no other purpose over the years) and started chopping down to 45mm lengths.

c2r flashbang pouches

After that it was just a simple case of flattening out the pouch front and back, and stitching the new Molle loop on following the existing stitches holding the edging tape on. As I was doing this at home with standard cotton thread I went for triple stitching as this loop will be supporting a fair amount of weight when loaded, and I overran the edges of the loop by several mm on each side, to move the ends of the stitching away from the stressed area.


Unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to really stress test this up to now, as the rona has kept us all inside, but so far it is holding strong and not showing any signs of falling apart. As stated above this offers very little by way of actual function, but it has succeeded in letting me get all my pouches in a row the way I want them.

The only functional advantage I can see is that on a 3 band skeletal cummerbund this will spread the weight of the pouch out better and prevent the dreaded top row sagging when loaded.

c2r flashbang pouches in the 3 different ride heights
Center pouch modified to sit “between rows”.

Future Improvements

I first did this mod just as a test piece, to see how it would actually work. As it seems to have worked, in future I would like to do this in a much neater fashion. As and when the current straps inevitably come off, I’ll invest in some higher quality thread, and put the time in to unstitch the edging tape on the back of the pouch and secure the new loop properly underneath it.

All in all I’m happy with this little mod, and am glad that the guys at C2R left the straps on the back of the pouch long enough to accommodate this (something which a lot of people haven’t liked and have since had shortened). If you have any questions about this mod then feel free to leave them over on my Instagram @thegeardocrow.

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