Colt 723 Gothic Serpent CAR15 by the Geardo Crow

Breakdown // Colt RO723 “Gordy” PTW

Back in May we visited Stirling Airsoft's the Trees site for Op BARHAIL, and due to the inherently "Lone Survivor-esque" feel of the place I decided to stick a cheap, £6 Cyma suppressor on the BD carbine to make it feel more like a Marksman's rifle and behold, the 723 build had begun.

Cellar Gear Custom flashbang pouches in m81 woodland

Review // Cellar Gear Flashbang Pouches

One of my life's many bug-bears has been an obsession with finding just the right pouch for each tool, which has led to many instances of buying, selling, chopping and changing a setup in order to find the "perfect" home for each item. In a military context this is often just a case of shopping around, and being prepared to fork out for the rare niche items that command a premium because they're well sought after. But what happens when you start trying to find a pouch for something that isn't an accepted standard, especially not in the military world?

Full9patches vajra concepts camo plates tigerstripe

Review // Full 9 Patches X Vajra Concepts Camo Plates

This is one of those weird products that is SUPER niche, and as such has a very specific background. The mind behind the camo plate is Chris; author/creator of, serving crab and all round Ian McCollum equivalent when it comes to tactical clothing and equipment. On top of being the most boring man on the internet, he's also a solid bloke who has some good ideas rolling around in his head.

The Geardo Crow's Night Fighter upper right

In Depth // Primary Weapon System // Systema PTW

I’m back motherfuckers. Well, I was never really away, but after 4 months of not actually writing anything I decided it was time to sit down and get back behind the keyboard. The reason for this short-turned-long break was down to a few different factors, one of them being laziness, but the other being I … Continue reading In Depth // Primary Weapon System // Systema PTW

Layout of the geardo crow's 1st line kit for Op Atar

OP ATAR – My Kit Breakdown

Op ATAR is round the corner, so I thought I’d share a detailed rundown of the gear I’ll be using. One thing all squaddies hate is kit checks. It’s part of the bullshit that led me to leave the Army. As a grown man it is quite frustrating to have someone the same age, or … Continue reading OP ATAR – My Kit Breakdown

Read the Geardo Crows review of the BCM MCMR by Angry Gun

BCM MCMR 10 MLOK by Angry Gun Review

Why did I choose the MCMR? Recently, Airsoft in the UK has seen a huge new trend emerging. After Angrygun’s release of the L119A2 rail in 2017 there has been a huge surge of interest in the platform, with many people gravitating towards UKSF kits. I was one of those who pre-ordered the rail and … Continue reading BCM MCMR 10 MLOK by Angry Gun Review