Cellar Gear Custom flashbang pouches in m81 woodland

Review // Cellar Gear Flashbang Pouches

One of my life's many bug-bears has been an obsession with finding just the right pouch for each tool, which has led to many instances of buying, selling, chopping and changing a setup in order to find the "perfect" home for each item. In a military context this is often just a case of shopping around, and being prepared to fork out for the rare niche items that command a premium because they're well sought after. But what happens when you start trying to find a pouch for something that isn't an accepted standard, especially not in the military world?

Cellar Gear SADF Pat.83 Chest Rig Harness

Review // Mods // Cellar Gear SADF 83 Rig Retrofit Kit

If you have ever wondered what it looks like to both love something with all your being, and despise it in equal measure then you should have been present for me opening my SADF Pat. 83 rig for the first time. Everything about the chest rig itself screams sideburns and short shorts and I'm convinced is the answer to most of the world's problems, until you look at the fucking harness.

cellar gear facehof jacket banner image

The FaceHof Jacket – My first impressions

This is something I’ve been pretty excited about for several weeks now, and am glad to say I finally have it in my hands to bring to you. Back in October Spiritus Systems dropped a photo that had a very special item hiding in plain sight. Originally dubbed the “Crye’teryx” this jacket is a mashup … Continue reading The FaceHof Jacket – My first impressions