Platatac Peacekeeper Mk5 PK5 full frontal view


Disclaimer: This item was provided free of charge by Platatac for testing and evaluation purposes. There has been no exchange of money, and the terms of the item being provided are that if I like a product, I review it, if I don't like a product, it gets sent back. With this is mind I … Continue reading Review // PLATATAC PEACEKEEPER MK.5

Review // Platatac Helium Whisper Munitions Range

nd have been mulling over the best way to write about them on the blog. While there are a lot of pouches in the line they share a lot of the same features and so 10 individual articles would be a bit of a waste. The choice I've gone with is two separate blogs, part one covering the ammunition/munitions pouches, and part two covering the utility pouches.

Platatac PlatyPlus Day Pack

Review // Platatac PlatyPlus Day Pack

Cutting around camp, travelling, going on classroom based courses or even being used as the duty BOO/BOS daysack are all tasks that the likes of the Camelbak Motherlode are all used for but are a long way from designed for. The PlatyPlus leans the other way, with loads of internal features to make in-camp admin easier, but still retaining the toughness needed to chuck 1000 rounds of link into it and tab up the nearest high feature in an emergency.

Platatac Tactical Electronics Pouch NVG contents

Review // Platatac Tactical Electronics Pouch

Night vision systems are by far and away one of the most expensive responsibilities an infantry soldier will be entrusted with on a regular basis, and the advantages they provide you can be the difference between dominating an enemy and being caught in a fair fight, somewhere you do not want to be. Despite both of these facts however the humble NVG is something that is often neglected both by the Army, and the soliders carrying them.

Platatac Mk3 Tac Dax review by the Geardo Crow

Platatac Tac Dax Mk3 Review

If you think of the term “combat pants”, you might automatically picture a pair of trousers made by Crye Precision. This isn’t without good reason, since the early 2000’s Crye have led the market for over-engineered uniforms. With this success comes the Apple effect, where charging extortionate amounts of money for your label becomes acceptable … Continue reading Platatac Tac Dax Mk3 Review