Kestrel BNVD units on an armoury shelf

Insights // The British Army’s New Night Vision Capabilities // Kestrel BNVD and ECOTI Pt.2

We can't stress enough the clarity and vision they give you when using compared to the HMNVS. Overall its great to see the Army moving towards new kit and equipment to keep us in line with other Armies and more importantly potential enemies.

A flat lay of the SKD Insulated gloves and two pairs of mechanix insulated gloves.

SKD PIG Insulated Vs. Mechanix Cold Weather Insulated

It’s December, it’s cold, and no matter what your Platoon Sergeant says, it’s okay to admit it. I’ve had the old Mechanix Insulated Originals for years now. They were one of the first bits of kit I bought specifically for the Army, and they’ve always been in my bergen ever since. They remained a mainstay … Continue reading SKD PIG Insulated Vs. Mechanix Cold Weather Insulated