Full9patches vajra concepts camo plates tigerstripe

Review // Full 9 Patches X Vajra Concepts Camo Plates

This is one of those weird products that is SUPER niche, and as such has a very specific background. The mind behind the camo plate is Chris; author/creator of thefull9.net, serving crab and all round Ian McCollum equivalent when it comes to tactical clothing and equipment. On top of being the most boring man on the internet, he's also a solid bloke who has some good ideas rolling around in his head.

Platatac Tactical Electronics Pouch NVG contents

Review // Platatac Tactical Electronics Pouch

Night vision systems are by far and away one of the most expensive responsibilities an infantry soldier will be entrusted with on a regular basis, and the advantages they provide you can be the difference between dominating an enemy and being caught in a fair fight, somewhere you do not want to be. Despite both of these facts however the humble NVG is something that is often neglected both by the Army, and the soliders carrying them.

cellar gear facehof jacket banner image

The FaceHof Jacket – My first impressions

This is something I’ve been pretty excited about for several weeks now, and am glad to say I finally have it in my hands to bring to you. Back in October Spiritus Systems dropped a photo that had a very special item hiding in plain sight. Originally dubbed the “Crye’teryx” this jacket is a mashup … Continue reading The FaceHof Jacket – My first impressions

A flat lay of the SKD Insulated gloves and two pairs of mechanix insulated gloves.

SKD PIG Insulated Vs. Mechanix Cold Weather Insulated

It’s December, it’s cold, and no matter what your Platoon Sergeant says, it’s okay to admit it. I’ve had the old Mechanix Insulated Originals for years now. They were one of the first bits of kit I bought specifically for the Army, and they’ve always been in my bergen ever since. They remained a mainstay … Continue reading SKD PIG Insulated Vs. Mechanix Cold Weather Insulated

Platatac Mk3 Tac Dax review by the Geardo Crow

Platatac Tac Dax Mk3 Review

If you think of the term “combat pants”, you might automatically picture a pair of trousers made by Crye Precision. This isn’t without good reason, since the early 2000’s Crye have led the market for over-engineered uniforms. With this success comes the Apple effect, where charging extortionate amounts of money for your label becomes acceptable … Continue reading Platatac Tac Dax Mk3 Review

Whiskey Two Four – PIMPS Turnkey Chest Rig – First Impressions

I was approached by Ryan at Whiskey Two Four a few months ago about getting some gear sent over to take a look at. I had heard of WTF before through their WTFix malice clip alternative, and so was excited to see what would turn up in the post. I should point out that although … Continue reading Whiskey Two Four – PIMPS Turnkey Chest Rig – First Impressions