dpm smock, tigerstripe shirt and vz95 trousers

My “Bad Guy” Kit Breakdown

Having done the full write up of my Good Guy kit, it’s time to look at the gear I use a lot more and change around a lot less. As time has gone on my friends and I have found ourselves avoiding the ever prevalent sea of Multicam and instead spending more time dressed up … Continue reading My “Bad Guy” Kit Breakdown

Layout of the geardo crow's 1st line kit for Op Atar

OP ATAR – My Kit Breakdown

Op ATAR is round the corner, so I thought I’d share a detailed rundown of the gear I’ll be using. One thing all squaddies hate is kit checks. It’s part of the bullshit that led me to leave the Army. As a grown man it is quite frustrating to have someone the same age, or … Continue reading OP ATAR – My Kit Breakdown